Booking on halted for about 24 hours due to server overload

    Freedom 251 How Where To Buy

    It seems Ringing Bells wasn't able to pre-determine the enthusiasm for their Rs. 251 Android smartphone. Since booking began on, people have been getting various errors on the site with very few getting through to payment.

    Freedom 251 Com Website Down

    Now the company has halted bookings for the "cheapest smartphone" in the world for about 24 hours to manage the traffic on-slaught. The company has said that they were getting north of 600,000 hits per second, which is enough to bring down any server. They are scaling-up their back-end servers to manage the incoming traffic and should be online in the next 24 hours.

    We will be keeping a lookout for the Freedom 251 and if you want to watch it in the flesh we have a video for you below as well.

    For detailed specifications and features of the Freedom 251, head here.

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