Google announces "Assistant", a take on a conversational personal assistant.

    Google Assistant 1

    Today at I/O Google has announced "Assistant", a conversational AI enhanced personal assistant. Google already has Now using which you can get information but in a passive mode, with Google Assistant the company wants to open the conversation two ways.

    We have actually been using the Google Assistant for quite some time now with "Okay, Google" and Google Now but now we won't just talk to it, and instead talk with it. There is deeper machine learning at work here which helps understand the the context of the search/query and then elicit a proper response.

    In a demo, Sundar Pichai showed off Google Assistant's intelligence by asking it to show listings for movies playing tonight, then suggesting that there will be children which automatically filters results and then going with "Sure let's do Jungle Book." With this the Assistant understood that Sundar wanted tickets and booked them for him.

    Google Assistant is the underlying architecture which would interface with us through several apps and devices.

    Developing ...

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