OnePlus Open Update Introduced eSIM Support and Enhanced Camera Capabilities

    OnePlus Open Update eSIM support.

    OnePlus has initiated the release of a new update (version for its latest device, the OnePlus Open, marking the company's entry into the foldable phone market just weeks after its initial release. This minor update fulfills the company's promise made at the launch by introducing support for eSIM.

    Previously, eSIM functionality was present on the Open but was limited to the ORoaming feature, facilitating the purchase of international data packages. Enabling the eSIM would deactivate the second physical SIM slot, which could be reactivated by disabling the eSIM. With the most recent update, users now have the capability to scan QR codes for any eSIM and seamlessly integrate it into the OnePlus Open. The Electronic ID (EID) or eSIM information can be found in the device settings under About Device -> Status -> EID.

    OnePlus Open eSIM support.

    The compact update, sized at approximately 301MB, includes various enhancements and fixes for the system. Additionally, notable improvements have been made to the telephoto camera, enhancing zoom capabilities, and refining color tone and accuracy. For a comprehensive list of changes, refer to the detailed changelog provided below.

    Update Version -

    System -

    • Improves system stability.
    • Improves system performance.
    • Fixes a slow response issue that might occur when you tap and hold a friend's profile photo in WeChat on the cover screen. 
    • Fixes an issue where the Eraser tool in Photos might not respond to your taps. 

    Communication -

    • Adds support for eSIM. 

    Camera -

    • Increases the clarity of photos taken at higher zoom ratios with the telephoto camera. 
    • Improves the tone and color accuracy of photos taken in Photo and Pro mode.

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