Google Pixel 9 series may include Satellite Emergency SOS functionality

    google pixel 9 series satellite emergency sos leak.

    Google Pixel 9 series is set to introduce emergency satellite connectivity along with a new modem, aiming to tackle previous modem issues encountered by Pixel users after the transition to Tensor chips in 2021, as per a report by Android Authority.

    Historically, Pixel devices encountered challenges related to modems, particularly after Google began utilizing its Tensor chips in partnership with Samsung. Although the Pixel 8 series saw enhancements with the Exynos Modem 5300, certain issues persisted, impacting users of Pixel 7 and 8 even after the March 2024 update, the report highlighted.

    Pixel 9 series with Samsung Modem 5400 -

    The upcoming Pixel 9 series is anticipated to integrate the Samsung Modem 5400, promising improved speed and efficiency. This advanced modem also supports 5G non-terrestrial networks (NTN), enabling communication via satellite.

    Samsung Exynos Modem 5400 Pixel 9 Tensor G4.

    Expected to be among the initial devices supporting Android's native satellite implementation, as revealed in Android 15 Developer Preview 2, the Pixel 9 series aligns with Google's endeavor to incorporate satellite-based messaging. This will empower users to send emergency texts through the "Satellite Gateway" app.

    While initially slated for availability through T-Mobile, other carriers may offer this service in due course. Emergency satellite texting on the Pixel 9 will adopt a streamlined approach akin to Apple's Emergency SOS feature, facilitating swift communication during crises by providing predefined responses to crucial queries.

    Pixel Satellite Gateway app QA.

    Furthermore, the successor to the Pixel Fold is also anticipated to integrate satellite connectivity, as indicated by code discovered in the Gateway app. This underscores Google's dedication to enhancing emergency communication capabilities across its device portfolio.

    With the launch of Android 15 and the Pixel 9 series drawing closer, additional details concerning these features are expected to surface.


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