LG V20's camera glass cracks easily, company looking into the issue

    lg v20 cracked camera glass

    While the LG V20 survived the bend test, burn test and other horrifying tests by YouTuber JerryRigEverything, one thing to note in the video was that after he scratched the camera glass, it shattered of its own accord without any external pressure.

    Now there have been multiple reports over at Reddit where users are complaining of similar issues where the rear camera glass just shatters or cracks without any reason. Some have even reported that they have got the rear camera glass cracked out of the box which renders the camera useless.

    A Reddit user also said that while using the flash at the back as a torch, the glass cracked possibly due to heating. This is worrying for all users given it is happening to many users. LG has said that they are looking into the issue while carriers in the US are replacing phones with the cracked camera glass.

    Source: Reddit

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