Galaxy S8 red tint fix now rolling out in India, South Korea, Europe and US

    galaxy s8 plus

    For the last few weeks, it has come to light that some Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ units suffer from a red tint on their display. Samsung has maintained that this is just a color calibration issue and can be manually fixed. A software update to that effect has been rolled out in South Korea, India, Europe and now in the US as well on T-Mobile.

    The new OTA update brings in additional color optimization settings, along with stability and performance improvements. The size of the update differs based on the region the update is rolling out. While in the US, the color correction update on the S8 weighs in at 138 MB, in India (XXU1AQDG) it comes in at 426 MB.

    A new option, "Full Screen Color Balance" is added in the Adaptive Display Screen mode along with "Screen Edge Color Balance" in Screen Mode menu.

    We can confirm that the red tint issue has been fixed on the unit we have after playing around with the settings a bit and several other users have also said the same over social media.

    Since its launch, the Galaxy S8 has had its share of issues including random restarts, dodgy WiFi and DQA errors. But it seems the latest update has resolved most of these issues. Are you still facing any issues with your Galaxy S8 or S8+? Do let us know in the comments section and we will try to find a solution.

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