Apple Intelligence Advanced Personal AI Introduced in iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and MacOS Sequoia

    apple intelligence with ios 18 ipados 18 macos sequoia features.

    At WWDC 2024, Apple unveiled Apple Intelligence, a personal intelligence system for iPhone, iPad, and Mac integrated into iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and macOS Sequoia, as expected. Apple Intelligence leverages Private Cloud Compute, utilizing larger server-based models on Apple Silicon to manage more complex user requests while ensuring user privacy, according to the company.

    Apple assures that user data is never stored and is only used for requests. Independent experts can inspect the code to verify the privacy claims.

    Siri -

    Apple Intelligence Siri launch.

    Apple also announced a significant update to Siri, its virtual assistant, which includes the following features:

    • Improved Natural Language Understanding - Siri can now better comprehend users, even if they stumble over their words, and can follow the context of a conversation.
    • Multimodal Input - Users can type their requests to Siri in addition to using voice commands.
    • Device Guidance - Siri can answer questions about how to use Apple devices.
    • Onscreen Awareness - Siri can understand and take action based on the content displayed on the screen.
    • Personalized Intelligence - Siri can access user information on the device to provide a more personalized experience, such as finding podcasts recommended by contacts or tracking flight information.

    These enhancements are available on Siri for iPhone, iPadOS, and macOS.

    Writing Tools -

    Apple Intelligence Writing Tools.

    Apple Intelligence introduces a suite of new Writing Tools aimed at enhancing writing and communication across various apps on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. These tools comprise:

    • Rewrite - Offers alternative versions of text to adjust tone and style for specific audiences.
    • Proofread - Checks for grammar and sentence structure errors, providing suggestions along with explanations.
    • Summarize - Generates concise summaries of text in various formats.

    Apple Intelligence Phone app transcription.

    Apple Intelligence also enhances other communication aspects:

    • Mail - Priority Messages highlights important emails, summaries offer previews without opening them, Smart Reply suggests quick responses, and identifies questions.
    • Notifications - Priority notifications bring important messages to the forefront, summaries display key details, and Reduce Interruptions Focus minimizes distractions to focus on tasks.
    • Notes and Phone - Audio recording with transcription and summarization aids in capturing and recalling key points.

    Image Playground -

    Apple Intelligence Image Playground.

    Apple introduced Image Playground, a feature powered by Apple Intelligence enabling users to create expressive images on their devices.

    • Users can select from different styles (Animation, Illustration, Sketch) and personalize their images with various concepts, descriptions, and personal photos.
    • The feature integrates with Messages, suggesting relevant concepts based on conversations, and with Notes, allowing users to turn sketches into images or generate them based on surrounding text.
    • For Apple Pencil users, the Image Wand turns sketches into polished images directly within Notes.
    • By selecting empty space in Notes, Image Playground generates an image based on the surrounding text.
    • Image Playground is also accessible in Keynote, Freeform, and Pages, with plans for future availability in third-party apps via a new API.

    Photos and Videos -

    Apple Intelligence Photos.

    Apple Intelligence enhances photo and video searching on iPhones and iPads:

    • Natural Language Search - Find specific photos and videos by describing their content, such as "beach sunset" or "birthday party with John."
    • Video Moment Search - Quickly locate exact moments within videos based on your descriptions.
    • Clean Up Tool - Remove unwanted background objects from photos without affecting the main subject.
    • Smarter Memories - Create custom photo and video stories by describing the desired content. Apple Intelligence selects relevant media, organizes it with chapters, and even suggests background music.

    Genmoji Creation -

    Apple Intelligence Genmoji.

    Apple introduces Genmoji, a fresh means of self-expression in messages. Here’s what Genmoji offers:

    • Custom Emoji Creation - Describe the emoji you envision, and Genmoji will generate options based on your description.
    • Photo-based Genmoji - Craft Genmoji of friends or family using their photos.
    • Integration with Messages - Easily incorporate Genmoji into your messages or share them as stickers or reactions.
    • Context-aware Suggestions - During chats, Genmoji suggests options tailored to your conversation for a more personalized touch.

    ChatGPT Integration -

    Apple ChatGPT integration.

    Apple devices receive an AI boost with the integration of ChatGPT later this year, allowing users to access ChatGPT features directly within Apple apps without switching between them.

    • Seamless Integration - ChatGPT can be accessed through Siri and Apple’s Writing Tools. Siri can leverage ChatGPT for complex tasks or interpret images/documents in your requests.
    • Enhanced Writing - Writing Tools will incorporate ChatGPT features to assist in content generation and image creation aligned with your writing style.
    • Privacy Emphasis - Apple prioritizes user privacy. Requests are not stored, and IP addresses are obscured. Users can opt to connect their ChatGPT account for personalized features under the privacy policy.
    • Free and Paid Options - Utilize ChatGPT for free without an account or link an existing subscription for premium features.

    Apple Intelligence Compatibility and Availability -

    Apple Intelligence will function with iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max powered by A17 Pro, as well as iPads and Macs equipped with Apple M1 and later. As it's integrated into iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and macOS Sequoia, it is freely accessible.

    Apple has stated that initially, it will be available in U.S. English and will enter beta testing this fall.

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